Car rental destinations in East Africa

Landcruiser Rentals in Uganda

Car rental destinations in East Africa

EastAFrican Car Rental DestinationsThere are several car rental destinations in East Africa. Some of the popular ones include,

Nairobi, Kenya:

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and is a popular destination for tourists. There are several car rental companies in Nairobi that offer a range of vehicles for rent. This is indeed one of our car rental pickup locations in the region.

Dar es Salaam:

Tanzania: Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and is a major commercial and cultural center. There are several car rental companies in Dar es Salaam including our own Ugandan Car Rentals that offer a range of vehicles for rent. If you want to explore the amazing National parks in Southern Tanzania, you should definitely consider to pick or drop your rental car in the town.

Kampala, Uganda:

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and is a popular tourist destination. There are several car rental companies in Kampala that offer a range of vehicles for rent. This is where we have our main offices and and then operate in the whole region. The city is normally a sarting point for travelers with intentions to explore Uganda or Rwanda or both.

Kigali, Rwanda:

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and is a popular destination for tourists. There are several car rental companies in Kigali that offer a range of vehicles for rent. Many travelers tend to visit both Uganda and Rwanda on a single trip. In this case they can fly into Uganda and fly out via Uganda and the reverse is also possible. In such situations, you can pick up your rental car in one country and drop it in another.

Zanzibar, Tanzania:

Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania and is a popular destination for tourists. There are several car rental companies in Zanzibar that offer a range of vehicles for rent. You can hire a car to take you around the island to participate in snorkeling, whale watching, sunbathing, history trips and so on.

Mombasa, Kenya:

Mombasa is a coastal city in Kenya and is a popular destination for tourists. There are several car rental companies in Mombasa that offer a range of vehicles for rent. It is a perfect base for visiting the attractions in the Eastern part of the country. These include; Tsavo East and West National parks, Taita Hills, coastal beaches and so on. That said, we provide car rental services to this costal town.

Arusha, Tanzania:

Arusha is a city in northern Tanzania and is a gateway to several national parks, including Serengeti National Park. There are several car rental companies in Arusha that offer a range of vehicles for rent. Planning to explore the park in the northern circuit of Tanzania? Renting a 4WD from Arusha is the ideal way to start. From here, you can easily access Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Arusha National Parks.

Entebbe, Uganda:

Entebbe is a town in Uganda and is home to Uganda’s only international airport. There are several car rental companies in Entebbe that offer a range of vehicles for rent. Entebbe lies just 40 minutes from Kampala the capital. It is a perfect place to pick up your rental car and explore the country.

Jinja, Uganda:

Jinja is a town in Uganda that is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is a popular destination for water sports and adventure activities. There are several car rental companies in Jinja that offer a range of vehicles for rent.  With numerous activities to do such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, visiting the source of the Nile, Jinja is truly the adventure capital of East Africa.

Feel free to let us know of  your travel plans and we shall be happy to help you about East Africa.

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How to find the best Uganda car rentals

Best Uganda Car Rentals

Best Uganda Car Rentals

Are you planning to travel to East Africa, Uganda in particular? You are probably wondering how to find the best car Uganda Car Rentals.

There are so  many car rental companies in Uganda of which some have the expertise in this field and others not. Every traveler would like to travel with an experienced travel company. Below we outline a number of questions to ask your self before commiting your self to a travel car rental.

Is the company certified?

There are many companies that are only appearing on the internet and doing briefcase business. They do not have physical addresses. So if you get nervous before booking your car rental, it is important to decide to pay for it while on site. This will give you more confidence as you transact in person and not via the internet. This normally involves cash transactions.


Some companies tend to charge clients basing on the mileage covered. If this is the case, you need to know in advance before getting involved in such a situation. We at Ugandan Car rentals, provide car rentals with unlimited mileage. It is for this reason that

Car maintenance

It is difficult but very crucial to know if your rented safari car is well maintained or not. A poorly maintained car can easily ruin your safari holiday.

Read reviews

In the process of arranging for a rental car, one wonders how the experience of past clients has been. You can find this out by reading through some of the reviews. This will help you in making a decision for the best car rentals in Uganda. You can find them on review sites such as tripadvisor, google reviews, trust pilot and so on.

We are here to take care of your travel needs. Browse through our rental cars and let us know what you want. All the car rentals are affordable and
the prices are fully negotiable. On top of that one is assured to get what you want
at an affordable price.
Our rentals can be availed at particular locations in East Africa as you may agree with our travel consultant.

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What to Check before Renting a car in Uganda

Landcruiser Car Hire Uganda

What to check before renting a car in Uganda

When renting a car in Uganda, there are a number of factors to consider as below.

Make sure you have your paperwork

There is nothing worse than going to the car rental agency just to realize that you have
forgotten your driver’s license back home. Before renting a car with, please make sure you
have your driver’s license and a valid credit card in your name with you. most car rental
companies require you to present a valid credit card as a guarantee, in order to cover for
incidental charges such as parking tickets, traffic violations, among others. Debit cards are
generally not accepted as a form of guarantee. An upfront cash deposit may be accepted
instead of a credit card.

Check the exterior of the rental car

You do not want to be responsible for another person’s misuse of the car. Please make sure
you inspect the car before heading on your way for any scratches or other problems.

Familiarize yourself with the Rental vehicle.
Every car is different. Chances are that you will not be renting the same car model as you
drive back home. Before heading out, make sure to take some time to adjust the seat and
mirrors to your liking. Check where the car functions such as Air Conditioning, lights,
windshield wipers and handbrake are located. Once you have familiarized yourself with the
vehicle you are ready to go.

Know where you are going.

Before renting a car, it would be a good idea to have a travel plan with specific locations to
visit in order to budget your time effectively. Uganda is not a small country and one would
wish to visit many places and for business travellers, they are also advised to make travel
plans. Do not hesitate to ask the car rental company to help you make your travel plans.

Ask what kind of fuel your rental car uses.

Unless you plan on paying double the fuel cost by leaving the car tank empty when returning,
make sure you know on what kind of fuel your vehicle runs with. Most cars in Uganda run on

If you checkout the above before renting a car in Uganda, you should be good to go. Contact us today to book a car.

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Road Trip in Uganda

Road Trip in Uganda

Road Trip in Uganda

Road trip in Uganda is the best way to experience Uganda.
Uganda is the pearl of Africa with the most beautiful sceneries and favorable climatic
conditions. The people of Uganda are hospitable and welcoming.

Reasons why one has to go for a road trip in Uganda.

People who live in Uganda are some of the friendliest people on the continent. Sociable and friendly people are willing to welcome or help you through your visit to their country. According to the United Nations, the country has the most welcoming refugee policy in the World.
Welcoming all nationalities is an intrinsic part of the culture, and the people of Uganda are
quick to offer smiles to newcomers. The people are amazingly friendly.

Physical Attractions

Uganda has a number of outstanding features. Among them are;

  • Lake Vitoria, are the largest freshwater lake on the continent.
  • the source of the longest river, the strongest waterfall,
  • the largest number of primates,
  • and the highest number of mountain gorillas worldwide.
  • Mountain Rwenzori

The Rolex

In Uganda, you don’t wear Rolex, you eat it. Don’t be confused. Rolex is a type of fast food
where an omelette is wrapped in a chapatti (Roll eggs = Rolex). Ugandans love it so much
that they have created an annual Rolex festival that is meant to celebrate this street food. And
one can enjoy this meal while on the road trip.

The Equator

There are only a few countries that the equator runs through. Uganda is one of them. In
Uganda, the equator is located 75 km south of Kampala, where you can purchase
memorabilia and watch cool equator water experiments. You can also visit and enjoy that
experience while on your road trip throughout Uganda.

Ssese Islands

Another thing is the Islands of Ssese. There is a beautiful archipelago on Lake Victoria
consisting of 84 islands that you must visit. On the islands, you can find many things to do,
like biking, hiking, enjoying a beach bonfire, drinking at a resort bar, and lying on the beach.
And if you are someone who just wants to roam around and do nothing, these islands are the
perfect choice for you.

The above are just a few factors as to why one should have a road trip in Uganda. To do find a good rental car depending on where you want to travel and what you want to do.

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Popular car rental locations in Uganda

Entebbe Uganda Car Rentals

Popular Car Rental Locations in Uganda

Car Rental Locations in Uganda are very important for a traveler to know before they signup to any car rental company. When you are a visitor in Uganda or you are a Ugandan Citizen and are tired of using the hectic, slow, and tiresome public transport or you may even be a tourist from another country, and you want to tour around the Pearl of Africa, but you did not come with your car.

This Article has brought you the solution. I have brought you the popular and affordable car rental services around Uganda. I have done my research and made sure that all these companies are licensed, and you do not have to worry about anything. These companies provide you with comfortable and luxurious cars at affordable prices. They can even provide you with a skilled and professional driver.

Notable Car Hire Locations



Entebbe Airport is Uganda’s main hub. Therefore, travelers normally start and end their safaris in this town. You can arrive and pick your car rental at the airport or organise to find it at a location in this town.


This is the capital and largest city in Uganda. Many car rental companies have their offices here. It is the commonest location for car rental pick up in Uganda.


Lying East of the River Nile, is Uganda’s once most industrialised town; Jinja. This is the adventure capital of East Africa. It features so many adventure activities including; white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, tubing, quad biking, horseback riding,  to mention a few.


This town lies about 453 km from Kampala and just 90km from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Thus making it an ideal location for car rental pick up in Uganda. The location is just an hour drive to Bwindi Forest, an hour to Mgahinga Gorilla park, 20 minutes to Lake Bunyonyi and hence many travelers prefer to use it for start and finish of their safaris.

The above locations in Uganda are the best when picking up a car rental. We also deliver our car rentals to other parts of Uganda and East Africa. Just let us know where and when and we shall do our best. Say bye bye to the poor, hectic, slow, and tiresome public transport of Uganda and get a chance to rent a car for either an outing with your friends or family  and travel this amazing country.



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How to Save on Uganda Car Rental

Rental Car Uganda


There are many ways one can easily save on a rental car in Uganda. If you are coming from abroad and wish to stay in Uganda for long and wish to drive around during your stay, here are some ways you can save on your rental car.

Book a Uganda Rental Car early

The first way is booking your rental car early. You should book your car after booking your plane ticket to Uganda. This is so that you avoid extra charges on your arrival. You can book the car online and Google is one of the best search engines that you can use to search for the best car rentals in Uganda.


Skip the airport pickup

The second way is by skipping the airport pickup. This seems to be safe and convenient, but it is a bit expensive for a person who wishes to save some money. This is because some car rental companies seem to add airport surcharges that standalone fees apart from the rental fee. In order to avoid that, you can consult the rental company if there are extra charges for an airport pickup. Or you can just go and pickup the car at the car rental company yourself.

Avoid Special 4by4 Cars

The other way one can save is by opting for the economy cars. The economy cars include the 4×4 Rav4, Toyota Premio, Spacio, Raum and a Corolla. These cars may not be that good, but they are cheap and are affordable. The above type of cars fit both the passengers and their cargo and are fit for a tourist or a family on a road trip.

Self drive in a Rental Car

One can also hire a car on a self-drive basis other than hiring a car with a driver. Self-drive comes with many advantages and a cheap cost is one of them. The costs of a car hire with a driver in Uganda are higher than a car on self-drive. This is considered the best and most convenient way to save on a rental car in Uganda.

Avoid Extra car rental tools

Another way is by foregoing the car rental extras that the rental company may provide. These include; travel maps, child seats, camping gear and other things. You can forego those things and save more.

Planning for a tour, road trip or for business in Uganda, hope the above car rental tips help you to save money. To rent a car in Uganda you can visit google and search for the best rental car companies.


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Looking for car rental tips? Planning to travel to Uganda for a business trip? And perhaps it is your first time to travel to the country for business. One of the most important things that will make your business trip is your travel comfort around Uganda; to and from your venue and other destinations involved in the trip. There is a long list of car rental companies ready to offer rental cars for any kind of travel. However, this is not all! You need to have tips on how to rent the cars and in this article. I highlight the major things that will guide you in the booking process and help you have a successful and smooth trip.

Car Rental Tips

Early booking is the number one thing you should do because this saves you money and time. You should contact the company early enough for proper preparations and in order to save you time.

The other car rental tip is refueling at trusted gas stations. Uganda has many gas stations, but the most trusted gas stations are Shell, Total and city oil because they have pure and good oil. It is also advisable to fuel up in Kampala because the oil is cheaper there than in other areas.

Check whether the care you have rented comes with a GPS. The GPS helps you find faster and better routes if you are travelling long distances. If the car does not come with a GPS, you can use google maps to find your way around your destinations.

You should also make sure that the car has insurance. Making sure that the insurance of the car is covered makes your booking process smoother and safer. If the insurance is not covered, find out whether you can pay it yourself.

Reading the car rental company policy is also among the car rental tips. You should read the policy of the car rental and get to know of the packages that come with you renting the car or get to know of any extra charges that come.

For any business person who wishes to travel around Uganda, I hope the above car rental tips can be helpful.


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How to Rent a Car in Uganda?

Uganda Car Rental Tips

Procedure of Car Rental

Planning to rent a car in Uganda? Are you planning to spend days, weeks or months in Uganda and the rest of East Africa? A car is definitely on top of the list for you to travel around. Hiring a car is much more than a procedure from reservation, confirmation and pick up. Below we outline some of the factors to consider before renting a car in Uganda.

What to Consider before you rent a car in Uganda.

  • Firstly, search for more than two car rental companies and compare the services each offers. Each car rental company has a way it operates. Look into details such as which cars they offer for rent, prices, what is included and so on.
  • Reach out to the car rental agency and ask about offers, location, availability, pickup sites, rates, special rates, extra charges, insurance, plus your personal needs.
  • Your ideal pickup point. Let the car rental company know about your pick up point as early as possible. If you are already at the destination, it would be ideal to share your google location. This helps the driver deliver the car without difficulty.
  • Which car to hire. It is indeed important to know which car is ideal. There are a number of factors that hinder the choice of car to rent. These include; purpose of travel, number of people ad so on.
  • Purpose of Travel. If you are interested in visiting national parks, we expect you to hire a car with either a popup roof or rooftop tent. The popup roof helps you in game viewing  whereas the rooftop tent acts as your cheap accommodation.
  • Number of people. The choice of car defers a lot if you are traveling solo or in pair from when you are a big group. Browse through our rental cars and you will choose the right car for your group.
  • Depending on your personal needs, choose a car that will surely be able to accommodate you and your travelling luggage. For instance, you can’t travel like 8 people and choose a Toyota RAV 4. That is definitely not the best car for you. Rather you can choose a Toyota safari van or van drone for a comfortable relaxing travel.
  • Lastly communicate with the agency make reservations, make a confirmation. This is done by at least paying half of the price such that it is deposited on that wanted vehicle.

Remember there is always room for questions. Ask for any special offers, promotions, holiday giveaways among others.

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