Short Term Car Hire

Short-term Car Rental Uganda

Short-term car rental Uganda are perfect for clients  who have less time and budget in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Are you willing to travel to this part of the world?

Are you limited by budget? Do you have less time to travel around? And finally, are you looking for a Uganda car rental company to answer your questions above? Well, worry not, Ugandan Car Rentals is here to sort you out.

We definitely deliver our cars according to your personal interest and budget. However, we might be more strict on the terms such as mileage, number of days and so on. Our intention in this case is to not over work our cars or safari drivers. So please, read through our terms and conditions and ask where necessary and let us know what you think. There are a couple of factors we look into before renting our cars for short term.

Distance for the short-term car rental

Also distance from the pick up point matters when it comes to short term car rentals in Uganda. For example; we would not let out our vehicle and driver on someone who is willing to go over 400km to and from in a single day. With such a distance, we ask the clients to pay for two days.

Cross Country Car Hire Uganda

More to that, we pay closer attention when hiring out our cars for cross country travel. With such car rentals we advise the client to plan for 3 or more days. Remember that we normally take care of cross country logistics such as import duty to foreign countries. It wouldn’t make financial sense if we pay for all this and the client pays us for less than three days.

That said, we are still the most value for money Uganda car rental company. It doesn’t matter whether its long-term or short term car rental. No matter how long you want our services, do not hesitate to write to us. We have something for you.

Some of our vehicles we provide for long term rental include Land cruiser VX 80 series, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Hilux, Mercedes Benz, Toyota Rav 4 and many more others according to your personal interests.

Get in touch with Ugandan car rentals via our email for the outstanding long-short car services.