Rv4 Uganda Car Rental

The Toyota Rav4 Uganda Car Rental is one of the best small SUV cars. It is a 4wheel drive car and is famous for its, economy, reliability and style.  People normally hire it for self-drive, camping and business trips in Uganda. It comfortably accommodates 4 people, has an air-conditioner to regulate temperature conditions.

The Rav4 Ugandan Car Rentals does very well in town travel, short distance transfers, airport transfers and so on. It can also handle some safaris since it is 4 wheel drive.

That said, we do not allow our small SUVs; Toyota Rav4 and Nissan Xtrail to do some difficult terrains. When it comes to Kidepo Valley and Serengeti National parks, we strongly advise our clients to use a landcruiser.

Advantages of Rav4 Uganda Car Rental

Firstly, one of the advantages this car has over other cars in our fleet is that it is cheap. It is cheap to hire, and also firendly with fuel. Everyone knows about the increasing gas prices world over. To keep up with this, you need a fuel economic car that will not make you break the bank to travel around.

Easy to Drive.

The driving position of the Rav4 Uganda Car rental is quiet nice. It is comfortable and easy to position where you want it it while on the road. This is possible because of its compact size.

It is 4 wheel drive.

The Toyota Rav4 is 4 wheel drive. It is for this reason that its possible to take it offroad.


MP3/CD player for entertainment, a relatively large trunk for all your cargo and other travelling items.

RAV4 has a good-looking interior but also it has a good family car thus on a high market for self-drive experience.

It is easy to drive and requires a low maintainace. Rent this Toyota Rav 4 via our email ugandancarrentals@gmail.com or on 0776298722.