Ugandan Car Rentals

Ugandan Car Rentals

Ugandan Car Rentals is here to help you with your travels to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. We hereby invite you to East Africa and promise to handle your travel needs in a professionally way.

Whether you want to us to arrange a full travel package or just want t hire a car and arrange the rest of the logistics by your self, we are open to both. Through our mother company, Mandela Safari Holidays, we can organise you a full safari package. In this case you do not go through the hustle of arranging logistics. For those who want to drive their own holidays, we provide you with a wide range of options for safari cars from which you choose.

Note that we have cars ranging from small SUVs to big Safari cars to vans. This therefore means that it does not matter whether you are traveling solo, or as a couple, family, big group, we have a car for you.

Vehicle Condition

The Ugandan car rentals team ensures that every vehicle we hire out is road worthy. Our vehicles go through mechanical checks before and after every safari. We know you have a schedule to follow, and you need a reliable car for this to be successful.

Ugandan Car Rentals Options

We provide safari cars such as Toyota Landcruiser hardtop, Extended Landcruiser, Landcruiser VX. The landcruiser hardtop and Landcruiser extended come with a popup roof. On the other hand, the landcruiserVX comes with either or without a rooftop tent. The rooftop tent helps you save on accommodation since you do not have to pay for hotels and lodges should you go for this option.

Ugandan Car Rentals drivers

Our experienced and informative divers are willing to escort you on your adventure to the East Africa land. These have experience with driving on the African roads and have a wealth of information. They double as safari guides and therefore hiring one will make your holiday to this land much better.