Weekend Car Hire Uganda

Weekend Car Hire Uganda

Hire a car or van for a weekend at Ugandan car rentals so that you enjoy your weekend with your loved ones. We have a wide range of well-maintained vehicles such as Land cruiser VX 80 series, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Hilux, Mercedes Benz, Toyota Rav 4 so we are sure that you will find the perfect one for your journey for the weekend.

Places suitable for weekend car hire in Uganda

Hiring a car for the weekend is becoming more common than before. This is because the world is getting more aware of what Uganda has to offer. There are many ideal places for a weekend get away in Uganda of which the following deserve mention.


Jinja is just 80 km from Kampala the capital of Uganda. This short distance makes it a perfect place for a weekend escape in Uganda. This town is the adventure capital of East Africa and has a number of activities to offer to the weekend traveler. The source of the Nile which is the world’s longest river is in Jinja. This makes it possible to do a number of adventure water sports such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, and so on. Other adventure activities possible include; horseback riding, bird watching, biking, city walks etc.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National is Uganda’s closest National park to the capital. This makes it good for a weekend trip. Weekend car hire Uganda services are available for anyone willing to visit this place. The park is famous for game drives, boat trips, safari walks, horseback riding, biking and so on.

Queen Elizabeth National park.

This is Uganda’s most popular National park. It lies in Western Uganda and has a lot to offer to weekend goers. Among the thing to do here are, game drives, boat trips, chimpanzee trekking, sightseeing and so on.

There are a lot many places that require weekend car hire Uganda services. These include forest s, national parks, museums, towns, falls and so on.

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Weekend Car hire Uganda