Self Drive in Uganda

Self drive in Uganda refers to renting a car and driving yourself instead of hiring someone to drive you. It is one of the best ways to explore any destination on your own without any guide or driver This is even easier with the help of a map and a GPS on the road.

Self-drive in Uganda is cheaper than a guided tour simply because you do not send on the driver guide. Also it offers privacy while travelling.

Our vehicles available for self-drive include Land cruiser VX 80 series, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Hilux, Mercedes Benz, Toyota Rav 4 among others. They are all well serviced and custom built for handling the African roads.

To some people it’s scary driving in a foreign country but worry no more. For this reason, we point out some of the tips of a successful self-drive in Uganda.

  1. Firstly, you should organize your driving equipment such as the driving license. According to every country, a driving license is a must have. This is because it helps to reduce on the number of road accidents since it ensures that you went through some training before receiving it.

2.Ensure that the rental car is in a good condition. Keep in mind that it should also have good service history. Do or let someone check critical vehicle components in order to be sure that the vehicle is in road-worthy condition

  1. The car must have a GPS since you are in a foreign country. This helps tracking position or location and for navigation to your final destination. GPS works at all times and in almost all weather conditions thus making self-drive easier.
  2. Maintain all the road rules. The key importance of traffic rules and signs is for maintaining safety. There are many obstacles and dangers on the road that can cause harm and put you at risk. Traffic rules and safety signs help to reduce such risks the possibilities of accidents happening

5.Watch out for petty thieves while parking on the roadside. These mostly steal mirrors, car lights, indicators among others. So watch out not to fall victim for further payments that are not in your budget.

  1. Drive slowly. In addition to saving your stress levels, driving slower can reduce many other complications like accidents. It would be a very terrible thing to get an accident in a foreign country.
  2. Maintain communication with the rental company. This helps you to keep the relationship with the company. Incase of any problem with the car, you are supposed to first communicate with the company to give you an immediate solution.

The above tips will help you during your self-drive and in case you need to have a car hire, contact Ugandan Car Rentals via our email or on 0776298722