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Uganda Car Rental Options

Uganda Car Rental Options are wide enough for anyone traveling to this region. However, you need to book your rental car months latest weeks in advance to be safe. This is because once in a while car tend to be booked out. So in such cases you might be left stranded without a car to travel with. Or it may lead you you to travel with non competent car rental agencies which may ruin your overall experience. For Travel to Uganda, we have a wide range of cars as below. Our intention is to make your holiday memorable.

Toyota Landcruiser car hire options

Our Toyota Landcruiser rental options are quite many and differ. They also have a lot in common. Among them is the Extended Landcruiser, Landcruiser Hardtop, Landcruiser Vx, Landcruiser Vx camper and Landcruiser Tx.

They all have functioning air conditioning system to regulate the temperatures. Our Our Toyota Landcruisers are 4wd and tough enough to withstand harsh road conditions.

They all have roof-racks to ensure that all your luggage can fit in or on the car.

Our Landcruiser Uganda car rental options have all terrain tyres making sure that they navigate all roads in all weather.

Keep in mind that these Toyota Landcruisers haveĀ  some differences as below. Whereas the extended and landcruiser hard tops have popup roofs, the Landcruiser Vx comes with a sunroof and a rooftop tent.

The landcruiser Vx comes with a 130 liter fuel tank while the extended and Landcruiser hardtop have 180 liter dual tank.

We can hire out the Landcruiser Tx and Vx for self drive which is not the case for the extended and landcruiser hardtop. We let these out with our expert drivers due to some reasons.

Van rental options Uganda

When it comes to vans, we have several Uganda car rental options which also have similarities and differences.

Among the van we have are; Toyota Hiace ordinary Van , Toyota Hiace drone and the Coaster.

The Toyota Hiace ordinary van has less electronics but can handle harsh road conditions. Its the most suitable van for safaris in National parks.

The Toyota Hiace Drone Van has more electronics, is more comfortable and faster. Its mostly ideal for road transfers since it can handle bad road conditions so well.

The Coaster bus. The coaster is suitable for big group travel since it carries upto 35 passengers unlike the Hiace vans. The Hiace vans carry up to 14 passengers but do 10 passengers more comfortably.

Should you want to know about availability and car hire cost of our Uganda car rental options, talk to us today.