Coaster Bus

coaster-busCoaster Car Rental Uganda

Are you a big group, family, school or church members or any kind of organisation? If you are interested in traveling to the remote areas, our Coaster car rental Uganda is the right car for you.  Are you planning to travel in groups, school trips or business trips? Then this is the perfect vehicle for you. The coaster bus is a mid-size roof high vehicle accommodating a maximum number  of 32 people. This car has some down and upsides depending on where you want to use it and for what.

Upside of Coaster bus

This bus is ideal mostly for road transfers. It can handle some bad roads but remember most of them are 2WD. This means that we can not advise our clients to take them to areas such as Kidepo, Serengeti and so on. The roads in these areas are so challenging to the extent that we advise you to always use a landcruiser.

Another upside of the coaster car rentals in Uganda is that they do not have a popup roof. This means that you will use a window to view animals in case of game drives in National parks.

Upside of the coaster Rental car in Uganda

These cars are highly raised and the clients surely have enough ground clearance. They also have enough leg room space to ensure that travelers move comfortably. Our coaster buses for hire have functioning air conditioning system to ensure that temperatures are ideal for clients inside the bus.

Best for group road trips and remote destinations for instance national parks. The bus has an AC, a small TV, MP3/CD Player for entertainment.

Furthermore it has a wide leg space room giving our clients comfort while travelling.

For inquiries on how to travel to Uganda with your group buddies, get in touch with us via our email or  call on 0776298722.